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regulatory overreach, they want to rebuild our nation's defenses, they want to be worried about entitlement reform and immigration reform. what dave camp did is introduce a giant side show that outrages much of the base and advantage of being a talk show host as you know sue hear from people and the phones lit up. people are angry that dave camp wants to raise their taxes and give them nothing in return. >> steve forbes, hewitt is seeing this as a tax hike. there are some tax hikes in here. i don't see it as a tax hike. maybe more broadly the republican party has to have a pro growth message and i think the tax reform message can work. this may not be perfect but where do you come out on this. >> i think putting tax reform on the table is good. i have some questions about what dave camp has done, that 35% bracket and raising the taxes on capital gains and dividends. by raising the standard deduction 95% of the people won't have to file a complicated return. corporate tax rate gets cut from 35 to 25. that's good. there's good elements. i see it as a building block ultimately to a flat tax b
that they have there. it's a defense area for them, and they took this stand. i think putin is going to test us to see how strong an alliance we have, particularly it's important for germany to be a part of this because that's going to make a big difference. and if we don't do anything, if we don't have a united front and if there isn't something very strong as an alliance, then i think he will move on through the rest of the ukraine which is even more dangerous. >> i understand the black sea, russian troops, navy -- but supposedly crimea has an independent legislature and independent prime minister. that system is there. the russians have totally disrupted it. they got their own guy in and a phony legislature and kiev can't do anything about it. but i don't see why the united states and nato, to use your point, nato may be stronger than the eu, has to give up on the crimea. i think that's invading sovereignty. we should make a stand on that, kay. >> no doubt about that. no doubt about that. but we have to move as an alliance. that is my point. or we will be a paper tiger because they must sign
council senior director for defense and strategy barry pavel. i hope i have that right. mark, welcome back. some news reports are saying that the white house is putting the line out, that they're not going to the g8 meeting in sochi unless putin changes his mind and his attitude and proposal. i don't know precisely what they want him to do but i'm going to guess and you tell me, the white house wants putin to stand down in the crimea because that is still an issue. they own the crimea. they did not pull the troops out. they did not put the troops in barracks. they own the crimea and have disrupted its sovereignty. do you think that's what they're talking about in the white house is this. >> i don't know because they haven't been specific in what they want. if they think the actions they're taking right now are going to lead to the russian departure from the crimea, i think they've got another thing coming. crimea in general is a strategic asset to the russian navy on the mediterranean and i don't think anything can dislodge them in the near term. >> barry, let me ask you, there's a laundry
.s. is standing with the eu, charles. i think that puts putin on the defensive. >> i would agree, larry. i think this creates a different balance of power in the situation. you know, on the one hand western europe is quite dependent on russia for gas and oil particularly germany. on the other hand there's an interdependence factor that may mitigate the potential for continued aggressiveness by putin. he not only provides the gas and oil to western europe, but he depends on those markets for foreign exchange. the russian economy is vulnerable. ironically out of all of this, the extreme as a rule neblt and free fall of the ukrainian economy may eventually destabilize, because the strong support has definitely increased over the last few days. >> i couldn't agree more. this is a big thing. russia needs the foreign exchange. their economy is in terrible shape. you're exactly right. mr. mcfall, let me pursue this more. at this point, you tell me technically, i don't know, at some point all putin has to do is to tell his mill their people in crimea to stand down and go back to the bases and the barrac
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4